Tech talk today

I want to share a bit about my 4G cell phone on the Sprint network.

I have a $25 referral paid to my account because I recommended Virgin Mobile to a friend.

I used the referral application to get $25.

Yes my friend liked it they signed up.

They got a phone and they kept the phone. It’s part of the offer so read the fine print. Know and understand the details.

It Works

I got the referral ! Yes it’s pretty cool.

So if you sign up you can get a $25 account offer as well. Check it out see if it’s suitable for you. I like my cell.

Is it appropriate for you? Do you know someone that needs a cell phone?

Do you want to support my content? Click the link above to find out more about this offer.


I use Virgin mobile and LG on the Sprint network.


My name is Rich thank you for visiting.