I was lost but now I am found

Lost and found

Recently family came to visit and misplaced the keys to the rental car so a search was on. the keys are not in the hotel room so it was decided to venture into the casino to find the lost keys. Valet didn’t have the keys, security lost and found didn’t find it. Unfortunately the search was going nowhere. Back to the room and the keys were inside the suit case.

The activity reminds me of the night at the movies when I lost my wallet.
Yes, it was full of cash so I was in panic mode. More about that in a bit, my wife and I went to the movies but I don’t recall the feature film showing. I only recall it was not popular this night since the theater was not the least bit crowded. We sat in the middle. The cleaning crew appeared immediately after the show. So we exit to find our way out. A few minutes later I noticed I didn’t have my wallet in the pocket of my shorts and panic hit me! I ran fast to the theater to find the seat and my wallet on the floor under the seat. Funny it wasn’t stuck to the floor by the spilled soda. I was amazed that I found it and felt immediate relief!
This to me was a blessing and a learning experience, I check and double check to the point it’s ocd now. I don’t really understand obsessing but I bet my checking is close to ocd.

Fast forward a few years ok a decade in the time machine and I am at the airport. I was sleepy as I walked to the check point to empty my pockets and I put my cell phone in a bin. Apparently I didn’t pick it up but instead caught a plane to fly to FLA. That’s right after a week I returned home to search for my cell phone. I didn’t know where it could be so I tried the McCarran airport website. Surprise the lost and found is online so I submitted a report on Friday. Saturday morning the home phone rings to my surprise it’s an officer at McCarran and they found my cell. I drive to get it. Yes, it’s amazing to find it again and I am thankful that an honest person turned it in. Good news gives me hope.

Did you ever find something after searching for it?

Happy trails.