Honeywell Hpa250B

​Air purifier

I got this unit for home. It’s not a paid advertisement. 

I like the air flow because it goes up unlike a traditional fan that simply moves air in one direction.

It’s whisper quiet.

Best of all blue lights. I wish I got it sooner because it’s very dusty in Vegas.

Do you have a fan or an air filter?
My wife did research to find this unit because we do not want ozone. This unit is on a list because it will not produce ozone. It’s important.

The link below shows more details about the Honeywell HPA250B.

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Good Friday

Good day everyone.

It’s an important time I see Passover on my calendar and Easter. To me Easter is more than bunnies.

It’s more than candy. Easter is hope.
I am Watching “The Last Supper | Matthew 14 | Pastor Chuck Acree | 04/12/2017 7pm” on
It was a helpful reminder the LORD washed the feet of the disciples. Then He explained the reason why He served them.

I noticed. He didn’t hire help. He did it himself. One on one. That’s awesome!

It’s important to remind others. I find kind reminders helpful.
What’s your favorite book?

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Free Parking Las Vegas

Las Vegas Change


Valets parking cars in Las Vegas look at fees on the rise.
 MGM Resorts International wants to increase parking rates at its Las Vegas resorts. Did you see the news?

 Read on

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This is important and popular

How do they do it?

I see many people online.
They are able to reach more views.

I learn a lot from people on YouTube and other technical sites.

Did you see?

What’s your favorite video or who’s your coach?

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Great Clips Las Vegas

It had to be done and it’s worth the wait.

Seriously my hair is crazy long and messy.

I checkin using my cell phone.

I visit my favorite Great Clips and grab a chair. I am waiting for a few guests and I’m next. The staff is friendly and people are chatting.

They say this location is better and they also visit the Tenaya shop.
Thank you Great Clips for the web check in. It’s convenient.

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YouTube Categories

Is one better than another?

The Specific category I’m curious about is Entertainment.


Congratulations over 4K subscribed!

Also I wonder if the category people is more popular for a reason? Can the category people help a vlog grow or be more popular?

It might be the frequent uploads. Examples weekly or daily videos, who knows?

My favorites this month are:

I Watched “Via Panini Italian Sandwiches” on 
I Watched “”Poker at the Red Rock Casino” Vlog #45″ on

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Windy Las Vegas

It’s crazy windy in Las Vegas!

The wind had me thinking it’s the end of the world as we know it. Ok maybe not that bad.

Seriously this tree fell.

Clouds and wind in Vegas.

Watch “Its the end of the world by R.E.M lyrics” on


I had made a detour to avoid traffic since all of the traffic lights were out. It’s crazy driving in Vegas! A few trees blocked the roads.

Funny building in Las Vegas downtown looks like a parking garage and in case I was doubting I noticed the name on top. See my picture.

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