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Have a good weekend everyone.

It’s Friday!
I was watching youtube and the Trooper. He really has been dedicated to making daily videos. Thank you mister Trooper.


I was downtown Friday and took a picture of Desert Manor in Las Vegas. This is where it started for Trooper however, that’s another story.

I grew up in Vegas. What’s your story?

Where are you from?

Be good to yourself.
My name is Rich thank you for visiting.

Christmas Eve

What do you want?

 It’s Christmas and the shops are stuffed with people and things to buy. 

Seriously what do you want for Christmas? 

My wife wants a three bedroom house.  

That sounds nice and cozy. I agree.


I went visiting Lake Mead BLVD and then.

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Trooper Tuesday

I said it Trooper Tuesday!

It’s all about awesome Vegas videos!

Starbucks and poker not necessarily in that order.

Congratulations Trooper 16 K generous subscribers. By generous I mean mail time gifts are awesome. Your fans are the best!

Thank you Trooper for making 2016 great cheers!

How you ask?

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