Skyjump Las Vegas Nevada

I’m quitting Skyjump it’s that fast! I know nobody likes a quitter. It was fun so I recommend Skyjump Las Vegas!
Stratosphere Tower Las Vegas
Stratosphere Tower Las Vegas, Nevada
Are you planning Skyjump in Las Vegas, Nevada at Stratosphere Hotel? It appears to have a top speed of 40 MPH but that’s too fast for me. I recommend it for anyone that wants to see the city. Visit the mall inside Stratosphere and try Skyjump Las Vegas. I’m glad I did it!
Skyjump Stratosphere Tower Las Vegas, Nevada

What’s your favorite time to Skyjump day or night, I did Skyjump in the day? After they connected the Skyjump life line they said I can look down but no way I am not looking down.

Enjoy the day! Top speed:

64 K/H
40 M/H
PS Don’t look down! Seriously I was looking at the mountains.

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