Skyjump Las Vegas Nevada

I’m quitting Skyjump it’s that fast! I know nobody likes a quitter. It was fun so I recommend Skyjump Las Vegas!
Stratosphere Tower Las Vegas
Stratosphere Tower Las Vegas, Nevada
Are you planning Skyjump in Las Vegas, Nevada at Stratosphere Hotel? It appears to have a top speed of 40 MPH but that’s too fast for me. I recommend it for anyone that wants to see the city. Visit the mall inside Stratosphere and try Skyjump Las Vegas. I’m glad I did it!
Skyjump Stratosphere Tower Las Vegas, Nevada

What’s your favorite time to Skyjump day or night, I did Skyjump in the day? After they connected the Skyjump life line they said I can look down but no way I am not looking down.

Enjoy the day! Top speed:

64 K/H
40 M/H
PS Don’t look down! Seriously I was looking at the mountains.

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Favorite Hosting

My favorite hosting is HostGator, I recommend it because I use it. I like it because it allowed me to quickly setup a site. I watched a helpful video that said try it. I enjoy WordPress.

What’s your favorite host?

Enjoy the day!

View Las Vegas at night
View Las Vegas at night. Click to view details


Red background, green garland decoration.
Hey Kip on Red background, green garland decoration.


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Relaxing Walk

This relaxing outdoor adventure is the best secret oasis. I enjoy walking past the fountain, trees, and wild life. See the dragonfly in this photograph. It’s Rampart!

Find more photos here.

Dragonfly on bamboo
Dragonfly on bamboo


Dragonfly still
Dragonfly on a Bamboo tree branch


Discover this fountain

Water fountain
Water fountain babbling


Dragonfly landing


Happy Trails, thank you for visiting. Do you walk or hike? Where do you go walking? Some other places I visited in Las Vegas.

I went to GVR swimming was fun at Green Valley Ranch.

Secret Pool at GVR

Skyjump was amazing fun, it’s a rush!



Cell Phone

My 4G cell is awesome

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It’s on the Sprint network.

I went to the store and got a Virgin Mobile cell phone, and a $35. top up card. Next month I can get another card or I can use pay pal to pay online.

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Installing system update
System update message
My Top up card

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I want to be a better neighbor after I noticed a lot of door slamming in the townhouse building where I live. It disturbed me because I like it quiet so I can be quiet and hope as a result I am a better neighbor. The two story building has 8 units connected and I am between two. I am fortunate to live next to a quiet family. The other side not so quiet.

Houses and Fall colors
Fall colors

Do not hate a fellow Israelite in your heart. Rebuke your neighbor frankly so you will not share in their guilt.

18 Do not seek revenge or bear a grudge against anyone among your people, but love your neighbor as yourself. I am the Lord.

In my experience parties are few and far between. They’re expected since families live here I expected to see a birthday party. I can deal with a small party since they only last a few hours. Normally the noise gets quiet after guests get busy watching children in the bouncy castle. It’s no big deal if the party is quiet by 9PM. I am a morning person so I want to have quiet at 10PM. The quiet was recently shattered by a busy neighbor remodeling!

In fact two weeks of construction has frazzled my nerves! The project started with hammering, tapping and sawing in the afternoon. The problem was it went on into the night. Late in the night! I allowed it, so I thought to myself, and had to go ask for quiet if I wanted change. I knocked on the door asked my neighbor to please be quiet however, that didn’t seem to help.

Surprised I woke up to pounding and thought what time is it? My clock read 12:30AM! No way! Why are they working after midnight? I knocked on the wall, it’s so thin I bet they heard me. I went to sleep again.

Finally relief came at 3AM after two weeks! The last nail was hammered and I am able to sleep. Townhouse life is not for everyone.

Do you have a creative way of dealing with neighbors?