Starbucks Food

It’s true Starbucks has great drinks, Mango iced tea, and coffee. I tried a Panini today. It was hot and flavorful!

Only took a minute in the oven and it was worth the wait. Mozzarella with Roasted tomato, did you try it?
This is not a paid advertisement, only my thoughts. Have a wonderful evening.
Be good to yourself.

about me my name is Rich

Cost $5.55

8.15% tax Las Vegas, Nevada


Road Trip

McCarran sign

Thinking about the Casey & Owen road trip 2016. Thank you both for the amazing videos! So very Nice to see a father son road trip.

When in vegas visit:


Rolling smoke bbq is great! Just saying

I can relate to sad feelings. A year ago my son left home because he wanted to. I understand it’s normal, and part of growing into being adult.

This has been inspired by:

I Watched “ROAD TRIP WITH MY KID OWEN!” on YouTube.


Sweet Treat starbucks

Thanks to the Starbucks team for a great drink. I had a reward from collecting stars so I went to a Las Vegas favorite.

Here’s the scoop.

I get bags of Starbucks when I shop. Next I redeem the stars. Finally an amazing reward.

How was your weekend? Did you have fun? Be good to yourself.

I had a great day!




Blue Sky bridge West view

The blue sky is amazing as I am looking West in Las Vegas. In the valley I am surrounded by mountains. The view from the bridge is better because I am above the traffic. Where do you go for the best views? bridge bridge dedicated

Kind regards
Las Vegas, Nevada


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