Rest Easy

Rest in peace

“Natalie Grant – Held (Official Music Video)”

I dedicate this to anyone suffering loss today. I know my words can’t begin to help. Grief takes time.
“Natalie Grant – Held (Official Music Video)”

Romans 12:21 tells us “Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.”

 If you’re looking for family members contact  1-866-535-5654.


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I can play or relax and listen.
Check out “Anchor – Podcast & Radio” I use my cell phone to record and then share.

I discovered so many creative people on anchor.

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Jessie Music

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Anchor. I recommend the app get it on your favorite device to enjoy the features.

Sure I can listen from my pc with limited features and that’s cool! Anchor’s better using the app. Try it.

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