My LG Cell

My LG Cell

Hi Everyone,

Happy Friday to you!

Yes, LG is still my favorite cell and I wanted to share a link. I really enjoy my cell.

This is how I save a bunch of cash. I use Virgin Mobile
I use the Sprint network it’s amazingly clear for a cell phone.

Seriously, I use the LG camera mostly. Most of my photos on this site are from my cell. If I want a better photo I use a Canon camera occasionally especially with a tripod.

Since I am on a budget saving to retire some day soon I focus on affordable things.

So I got a goal. What’s your goal? Share a tweet or comment.

Spend less on me today and save for the future. This link can help because it offers to pay $25. Try it. Do you need a cell phone?

It’s better to have options in life. Virgin Mobile, I call it VM, is my option and it’s a good deal.


Another way I save on fast food treats is I went to lunch here:

This is not a paid advertisement.

My name is Rich, I lived in denial for years. More about me here. I got cash out thinking the ATM was my friend.  © 2017 Virgin Mobile USA


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