Life is a journey and I started mine decades ago before blogs. I remember Windows 95 and it seems like a long time ago however, time marches on.


I am learning something new and wanted to share I am discovering awesome blogs. I was encouraged by Jeff Goins to write. He is a very generous person.

Recently I learned about wordpress. It is the most popular way to build a site so I started a sort of sandbox to play, write, and create in for now.


one us dollar
one us dollar

I want to save more and spend within my framework. I am not calling it a budget since I am not planning yet. I am simply paying bills and meeting needs. I have been in denial for so many years. I thought the ATM was my friend.

Today I believe it’s important to control personal spending. This control will allow me to pay off credit card debt. To meet this goal I simply ask myself if I really want that fill in the blank or is it a need I can’t live without.

I quit drinking

My youngest asked “Is Daddy drunk?” and it motivated me to stop drinking. I am happy to say that I don’t need a drink. I don’t want a drink. Today I start my day with coffee and that’s as strong as it gets.

Where are you on the journey of life? Have you learned something new?

Happy trails!

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