I stood in line to mail a package, what options did I have?
It’s a week until Christmas. I absolutely need to and want to send this package.
Then I try getting out of line.
Next I try the kiosk.
It’s a great idea. I print postage, slap the sticker on the box, and grab my receipt.

Finally I drop the box inside the bin sending it on its way.
It’s only part of the story.

While I wait in the post office a talker is sharing a personal stuggle. A talker is going to talk to anyone that will listen.
They explain the mailbox in their neighborhood has been broken for two 2 months. It’s an inconvenient truth they visit the post office to get mail that was delivered in the Summer. Reporting the issue hasn’t helped get it resolved. I try to empathize.
I try to listen without getting distracted from my mission to mail.

Another talker begins about health care in the states and Canada. “Time out” the first one says to the other.
I smile.

The problem with the neighborhood mailboxes was presumably due to vandal ism or theft.
I think I am blessed to be safe.