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Yes,  I am keeping the landline and wonder did you replace it with a cell phone? My home phone aka landline is a necessary expense however, I didn’t believe this last year. In fact, I thought about disconnecting it to save money since I already have a cell. Then I took the wait and see approach. It’s a good idea to sleep on any big decision. Honestly, it’s not that big of a decision but it is a change for my family. So I waited 24 hours to see if I’d change my mind and I had a great idea.

Seek wisdom

I asked my wife how did she feel about the idea and we made our minds up. It was agreed we want to keep the home phone. I wanted to ask our son to find out what he had to say about it. He has great advice and said “It’s not going to break the bank”. I am keeping the home phone to stay in touch with family. Since they already have our phone number they can call if they want to.

How about you, is your cell the primary phone?

My VM cell is 4G and no contact is my favorite.

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