Promote “Pro-grief” Families

I want to share a site that I found helpful. Originally I discovered YouTube videos by Pete Gerlach 1938- October 22,2015 and this is his non profit site.

Do you find the brief videos helpful?
A personal note

I grew up in a home that accepted grief and I recall both happy times and sadness. Death visited and I recall attending funeral services to remember loved ones.

My Dad leads by example. He can both work hard and play hard. He built houses and made them home for our family.

I remember Dad had sad news one afternoon when I was a small child. He gently explained our cat died. Then he took time to remember our cat and it was from the heart.

Thank you Dad for all you do!


PS. I enjoy the site and helpful videos.



I added a tribute to Pete Gerlach here on sandbox.

Pete published many videos when he was living because he wanted to share his experiences.

before divorce read this 

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