Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father's Day
Happy Father’s Day Heykip.com

To Dad
I learned a lot watching you over the years.
Working and playing
Living life to the fullest

Loving family and friends.
Thank you for leading the way.

Happy Father’s Day



Yes use it or loose it, that’s all I need to know about time. Here on earth time goes by fast. I didn’t believe this when I was a kid, child. Or maybe I didn’t understand what Roger Waters was talking about. “Ticking away the moments…”

Remember that classic song from the dark side?

What about time and life. This is your life are you who you want to be? Switchfoot.

So it’s life go have fun! seriously what are you doing to have fun?

idea if I build a time machine and go tell myself to… thinking about that. What to do today? Who to visit? What to say or better just listen? Hear the words, enjoy the moment.

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Relaxing Walk

I got a new speaker phone for my home phone.

Secret Pool at GVR

I got kicked out of the pool.
Enjoy the big pool with its sandy beach! I wandered into a secret lap pool reserved for cabanas only, so they kindly explained the rule. It’s no problem the big pool is better! GVR

swimming pool at GVR
GVR pool


Cakes Feast buffet Green Valley Ranch
Cakes Feast buffet Green Valley Ranch click to enlarge

I loved the turkey and salmon at the Feast buffet. The chocolate cake was amazing!

Cake at Feast buffet GVR
Cake at Feast buffet GVR click to enlarge

Green Valley Ranch has free parking and many other fine amenities!

I park in the garage in the shade, it’s only 109 degrees outside. Next take the elevator to the casino . I get off the elevator and make a left to the food court, smells are free. Enjoy!


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The sin of the world

Behold, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world! This is hope. What gives you hope? Is it friends, family, or money? These things are important in life but what happens when things are gone? When death comes it’s important to have hope in something big. This hope is big!

Thank you for visiting.



Life is a journey and I started mine decades ago before blogs. I remember Windows 95 and it seems like a long time ago however, time marches on.


I am learning something new and wanted to share I am discovering awesome blogs. I was encouraged by Jeff Goins to write. He is a very generous person.

Recently I learned about wordpress. It is the most popular way to build a site so I started Heykip.com a sort of sandbox to play, write, and create in for now.


one us dollar
one us dollar

I want to save more and spend within my framework. I am not calling it a budget since I am not planning yet. I am simply paying bills and meeting needs. I have been in denial for so many years. I thought the ATM was my friend.

Today I believe it’s important to control personal spending. This control will allow me to pay off credit card debt. To meet this goal I simply ask myself if I really want that fill in the blank or is it a need I can’t live without.

I quit drinking

My youngest asked “Is Daddy drunk?” and it motivated me to stop drinking. I am happy to say that I don’t need a drink. I don’t want a drink. Today I start my day with coffee and that’s as strong as it gets.

Where are you on the journey of life? Have you learned something new?

Happy trails!

hey kip